Mark of Man 500Hal Is A Forty

And He Knows When He Is Going To Die

 In fact through a cruel genetic twist, so does everybody else; for all 22nd Century humans are born branded with a mark demonstrating their organic timeline. If one has forty rings, one dies at forty. As with all humans, Hal has learned to accept his fate, until he falls in love with Ama, a Ninety.

 In the search for a cure to The Mark, Laozi Veda, the head of the Vedas Corporation, coerces Ama into leaving Hal and sends her on a secret mission with a team of ‘specialists’ to the distant planet of Kepler.

 A year later Hal, loveless and careworn, receives an unexpected offer to travel under a different guise to the same place. He arrives to find an outwardly peaceful society but soon after conditions change and the planet becomes an extremely dangerous place for them all.

 With fascinating new insights into complex societies, The Mark of Man, is science fiction at its best – giving us the ‘what if’ question with unwavering commitment and invention. From alien idles to terrorist uprisings, this book will echo through the portals of time to give fresh insight into the human condition.

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