“As a reader, memorable characters and their developments are the most important things I look for in a book. When I connect with a character, the story becomes personal, and that’s what I want for my own readers. My characters are not perfect people; they have flaws and they make mistakes, and that is what makes them entirely human and relatable”

Kit Miller – Author

Sailor Uncovered

Right facingWould you take your twin’s place if they were accused of murder?

Sailor knows she is a survivor and her sister Catherine is not.
The twisting story begins with the murder of a man who victimises women. Michael, the brother, makes it his mission to destroy Sailor and in doing so creates a maelstrom of chaos for her to navigate.

Her only hope is to trust a journalist. Cliff can prove her innocence but that is not enough to stop Michael. Nothing will stop Michael.

The complexities of this story will leave your head reeling with the implications and have you hanging on every word

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