The Book

RunesBlending informative illustrations and charts, example readings and knowledge from the author’s many years of practical experience, this book will guide the reader through Runes and Rainbows, an integrated system for insight and empowerment. There are four steps to the Runes and Rainbows process.

Step One: Learning how to read the runes using the interpretations provided. With practice it will be easy to give an exceptionally detailed and accurate rune reading.

Step Two: Using the Chakra Information Chart the life issues for each rune in an individual reading will give a deeper understanding.

Step Three:  Looking up the chakra colours on the Colour Interpretation Chart will show the reader how each issue is expressing itself currently within the life of the individual. The reader learns how to explore the aura and incoming universal energies. The meanings of these shown on the chart will reveal the future energetic influences connected to each rune. This shows how the future potential indicated by each rune applies to the individual being read for.

Step Four: When an issue will not conclude during the time period which a rune covers in a reading, the reader will learn how to follow energetic pathway further into the future. This will show the universal energies being built. Looking these interpretations up on the chart will tell the reader how the development potential of each rune applies to the individual being read for.

Following the instructions and using the Chakra and Information Chart and Colour Interpretation Chart to implement Step Three and Step Four, will allow you to explore the incoming universal energies. This will guide you to the future potential of any rune in the individual readings.The author also shares her understanding of soul projects and spiritual growth.

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