Runes 500

This book has been written to share Runes and Rainbows. This system emerged from my love of runes and my public work over more than twenty years with mediumship, chakra and energy readings. Since 1993, I have provided readings to the public, and from 1995 I have also given services within spiritualist churches and centres. From 2012, I have given readings and participated in demonstrations of mediumship at Sálarrannsóknarfélagi Íslands, the Spiritualist Society of Iceland. I also provide a range of readings at a crystal shop in the centre of Reykjavík. For many years, I have assisted people with their personal and spiritual development. In August 2013 my demonstrations of mediumship in England were well attended and my readings fully booked. I am planning to organise demonstrations, events and readings in England during 2015.

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