Meet Jane

Originally born in North London, I escaped an unhappy childhood using my writing. Through adult life, ingenuous to most, the pen was never far from my hand. With annotations scrawled in restricted notebooks, my passion for writing was kept alive. Unable to publish any of my work during a troublesome and violent first marriage, I held on to these notebooks. Now happily married again and residing in Kent, my efforts are offered in my first publication….So, Here I Stand.

Since writing my first self published novel, I was brave enough to enter a short story competition organised by Mirador Publishing. Short stories was never something I had particularly thought about.

I was extremely excited when I had been selected as one of the winning entries for an anthology called ‘The Mirador Fantasmagoria’. My short story called ‘Sock monster’ had won!

I was even more delighted when I was asked to create my own anthology of short stories for Mirador, which I have completed and have since published. This is entitled ‘The Commuter’s Collection’.

A book aimed at the weary traveller on his way to and from work. This collection of short stories both delights and thrills and hopefully allows a brief escape before being brought back down to earth with a bang!

I have also written another novel, aimed towards a younger audience, which I hope will again show my worth as a versatile and committed Author, called ‘Rosie Wrinkles and the Wiccan Deity’.

I am currently working on another two novels which I hope to release later next year.


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