BookstackA series of journal entries explain the mystery of a terrible killing.

In the town of Muscatine, Iowa at the turn of the 20th century a respected jeweler called Fitch Swan has a disagreement with a former employee, George Volger. This man dares to start his own jewelery shop within view of Mr. Swan.

Fitch’s fortunes start to fade as Volger’s rise.

Circumstances in the small town gradually cause Fitch to lose his sense of self, family and most importantly in this case, perspective.

When the monster, Volger, dares to suggest he can buy Fitch’s hard won business, Fitch takes matters into his own hands…

“In a world where you can rely on the bookshelves to be full of James Bond-lite or CSI style novels, this story is a wonderful relief. A thriller, a very well researched historical novel and a great exploration of a mind slowly dissolving. Based on real life, with characters drawn from the records, it’s an intelligent novel and a great read.” – www.book-reviewer.com Claire Ashton


“A good mix of Psychological thriller, Historical Biography, Cultural Heritage, Suspense, Action & Adventure, Exploration of Mental illness and Historical Mystery”

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