In the year of 2018, the world faced a new dawn.

Right facingThe birth of a true virtual reality world through the first full experience virtual reality platform called the Nexus System.

Once synchronized to the system, the electrical signals which would normally go into a user’s brain are intercepted, paralyzing their body and sending them into a dreamlike state. Released on this system is the first full virtual reality world dubbed ‘War of the Elements

Soon, all of the players who entered this brave new game world called War of the Elements will realize the brutal truth through a global in-game message – stating that a virus has been embedded into the system which disables the logout function.

In addition, they only have a single life in this world and if they die in the game, they will be stuck as a vegetable in the real world permanently.  The only way to escape this fate is to complete the penultimate mission of this world – a mission that may turn friends into foes.

What starts as a simple game turns into a struggle for humanity’s survival, as well as a trip through ancient history from a lost era. Two highly skilled gamers including the socially awkward Drake and the free spirit Karla dive into the depths of this dangerous unknown land. Will they beat the game of death that awaits them, or die trying?

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