Come and explore Dark Age of Eden: “Once upon their time, our happily ever after ended; when there was a battle cry, and a lie destroyed Eden.”; the final words whispered before a unforeseen event spawned by the deadliest of the 7 deadly sins pushes the greatest warriors of an intergalactic realm into a murderous investigation.

During this time navigating the grey, they will discover hidden truths about themselves that will force them to question which side of the blurred lines they stand on by untangling the complicated web that connects them to a time that no one believes in. A rebellious spy, a blind thief, a breathing weapons; puppet master politics, rogue guardians, and outcast citizens, all acting on twisted acts of deception and consequences of carelessness, push forth an adventure centered on the mystery behind  the ultimate subject of fact or fiction: What is the Dark Age of Eden?

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