WELCOME TO MY UNIVERSEDon't Let the Sun Go Brown


In my universe – the real universe, as I like to think of it, the stars are teeming with life – mostly humanoid. With over two hundred and fifty billion stars in our galaxy alone, the odds on there being life out there, are so overwhelming, that I cannot imagine it any other way. It is only our narrow viewpoint; ‘if I can’t touch it, it isn’t real’, that prevents us from accepting things as they really should be.


In many ways, I see our universe as a massive extrapolation of the societies on Earth. Except, of course, that as most of these space societies will have been around for many millions of years, their outlook and achievements will be that much greater. Yes, there will be squalor, out there. Yes, there will be magnificent and impressive sights and  constructions, as well as pathetic and awful situations. This, for me is what the real universe is about.


Under the heading of Space Opera, we can of course make any concept real, in this galaxy, or the next, which is fine, as long as it fits into an understandable scenario, which is what I try to do. There will be plenty of rational constraints to be overcome in us moving forward as a space-faring society, and one thing I try to do, in postulating this, is to make what I’m describing logical.


In my first two novels, I’ve introduced the idea of cooperation and interaction between nearby space societies. Even with the vast distances involved, great things happen, as we take our first tentative steps in moving to become a part of the interstellar community. Outer space is about adventure and amazing experiences, but isn’t that why we explore it from our desks or armchairs?


I like to show, that despite our lack of interstellar experience, that we, as fresh blood, can bring a new perspective and vibrancy, that Earth people have the potential to make a huge difference, once we are out there.


You will find that I’ve borrowed characters and several other things, from my first novel: ‘DON’T LET THE SUN GO BROWN’, for my second: ‘ABANDON EARTH’, however, both stories are independent of each other. Having some characters across both novels adds a peculiar discipline, but it is certainly a help with continuity.


There are just so many possibilities to be told about in this multifaceted universe, to be explored, and revealed. I suspect that our near neighbours in space will not all be so friendly as I’ve shown them to be, but these first two books are meant to demonstrate that there will be good things out there, and that the journey will be worthwhile.


We will be out there one day, as fresh invigorating blood, and I’m sure we will shake up a few fixed ideas, simply because we have the magic of imagination.

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